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Five Things You Should Not Do in Europe

Moving to Europe? Firstly, you need to understand that Europe has their set of distinct culture and tradition. Moreover, laws and practices vary from country to country in Europe. It is very important for you to research ahead about Europe’s living and culture. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common things that you should avoid when in Europe:

Asking for water

Most European countries are known for being green in their ways which means they all advocate for environmental sustainability. As part of this, they value water so much. It is a no-no to ask for free water in bars, restaurants, or even in houses. It is your primary responsibility to buy your own water at stores. It is also very rare to see water fountains all across Europe.

Producing loud noise

YOU HEARD IT RIGHT! It is discouraged to make loud noises in Europe. Some countries have their own law that strictly prohibits too much noise. For example, you can get fined if you make loud noises on a Sunday in Germany and Switzerland. Why? For them, Sunday is a rest day. No one should hammer their wall, mow their lawn, test their brand new stereo system, etc.

Photographing official structures

Selfies are okay, but taking photos of official buildings? No! Romania, Russia, Hungary, Spain, and Ukraine, among others, do not allow people to photography airports, military offices, and government buildings. On the other hand, you are not allowed to take photos with police officers in your background in France.

Feeding pigeons

It’s not that they hate pigeons, but some countries in Europe discourage people from feeding pigeons especially in places where important structures and historical architectures are. Why? Pigeons excrete wastes that may damage these vulnerable structures. Especially in Venice and Vienna, you can be penalized if you feed these birds.

Not bringing your I.D.

Your identification is important in Europe. It is a must to bring your I.D. at all times. It is against the law in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and Ukraine to forget your I.D. If you are a non-EU national, present your passport.